Victorians urged to make a ‘safe mistake’

A social media campaign targeting simple mistakes that cause house fires has been was launched by Victoria’s fire services.

The Safe Mistake Zone is an online hub where people can learn about the common causes of house fires.

MFB Chief Officer Peter Rau said every day Victorian firefighters attend an average of eight preventable house fires.

While there are literally thousands of ways a house fire can start, they generally boil down to one thing  a moment of carelessness, neglect or distraction, he said.

We want people to think twice before putting themselves in grave danger if their homes at risk of fire.

CFA Chief Officer Euan Ferguson said more people die in house fires than in bushfires  however, most fatal fires at home could be prevented. He said last year’s campaign reached more than 3.2 million people on Facebook alone.

Victorian firefighters attended 3,170 preventable house fires last year, with a third of them starting in the kitchen, he said.

The Safe Mistake Zone is an engaging and entertaining campaign that will be travelling around the state in a regional road show all winter to help spread fire safety messages.

Prepare your children for an emergency

Quick tips to prepare your kids for an emergency:

  • Talk to your kids about what to expect in an emergency situation.
  • Reassure them that the family has a plan that will keep them safe, and practise it.
  • Give your kids practical tasks to do as part of your plan.
  • Be aware of your own emotional response and model good coping strategies for them.
  • Let your kids know it’s normal to feel a bit anxious.
  • Teach them to slow down their breathing when they’re feeling stressed.
  • Teach your kids to replace anxious thoughts with positive self-talk like “I can cope, we’ve got a plan”.

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