Your business is critical to your financial wellbeing and could also be a necessary service to your community, so it’s important to protect what you can in times of crisis.

Emergency management is about successfully adapting your business to changes in its environment. Resilient businesses prepare for possible risks, take appropriate action during emergencies, and recover.

The good thing is you don’t have to plan for emergencies on your own. There is plenty of advice and support to help you like the resources listed here:

The Business Continuity ToolkitAi??provides a variety of crisis resources to assist Tourism Businesses to Plan, Prepare and Respond.

Tourism VictoriaAi??provides a variety of crisis resources to assist any Tourism Business in the event of an emergency.

This includes Preparing your business for Bushfire with theAi??Tourism Business Fire Ready Kit.

The ai???Crisis Essentialsai??i?? guide aims to provide essential information to tourism businesses about how to prepare for, respond to, and recover from a crisis event.

CFA Fire Ready AppAi?? has been developed to assist you in a fire emergency. Ai??The app is downloadable for android and apple.

TheAi??Flood Preparedness Manual has been developed to assist you in regard to floods.

Customer Cancellation Guideline will Tourism Businesses with information in the event that a customer wants to cancel.

Employment conditions in an emergencyAi??will assist Tourism Businesses with information inAi??relation to Employees.

Department of Health & Human Services Emergency assistance information.

Department of Health & Human ServicesAi??Ai??Business Operators information.